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UMRA: sync your active directory with any hr-system

Active Directory user creation is usually a pre-request operation, where a paper form is filled out by a member of HR and brought to operations to create the account. This process usually has a high priority, since the employee needs the user account to work. However, when properties of the employee change or the employee leaves the company, the need to inform operations is far less.

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UMRA: monthly password expiration

In Active Directory networks where security is important, you might want to introduce monthly password expiration to a special group of user accounts. Let's say you have 5000 employees, of which 1000 users are working in a retail environment, which is security-sensitive.

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UMRA: temporary software licenses

A popular method to control software licenses, such as Microsoft Visio, Publisher and Project, is to make these licenses temporary. In most networks, these applications are represented by groups in the Active Directory. Members of such a group will get the software distributed to them using for instance SMS/GPO.

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HP servicedesk: use sd_event to create and update items

HP ServiceDesk offers the sd_event command-line tool to interact with its database. Using classes and mappings inside HPSD, you can configure exactly how sd_event can create and/or update items the database. For instance, to create new person registrations from the command-line, first create and configure the class and mappings inside HPSD.

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VBScript: create Exchange 5.5 mailbox using ADSI and LDAP

For the below script to work, you need the AcctCrt COM components to be installed. You can download this component form the Microsoft site. strDomainNT4 = "TOOLS4EVER" strUsername = "avdvorst" strEx55Server = "EXCHANGE" strMailboxPath = "DN of your recipient container" strSite = "Name of site" strOrg = "Name of organization"

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