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VBScript to read Exchange 2003 mailbox store total size

In Exchange 2007, you have PowerShell to perform powerful queries on mailbox stores, which make it easy to get the total size of a mailbox store by calculating all mailbox contents in bytes. In Exchange 2003 however, you need to do this with WMI which doesn't know about mailbox stores but only allows you to query mailboxes.

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Use dfscmd.exe for scripted DFS mappings

When using DFS, you might want to consider adding DFS links for user home and profile directories to a DFS root. If you want to integrate this into a script, try the following command-line:

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Vasco digipass with UMRA and Active Directory

Several clients are using digipass systems from Vasco as their main security token system for both VPN and building access. Since this system is Active Directory integrated and features an API, we can easily integrate it within the UMRA identity management framework for automatic token provisioning on new user accounts, and token profile management on existing user accounts.

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