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ADSI error 80070035: server unwilling to process the request

When you using ADSI scripting to create or modify user accounts, you can run into error code 80070035 server unwilling to process the request.

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Request your VB or PowerShell script

My blog features several examples on scripting for Active Directory and Exchange user account related operations. Request a script and I will provide you with feedback.

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PowerShell: list NTFS permissions on folder

Same as on the AD permissions post, first bind to the directory, and get its ACL. $directory = "C:DATA" $acl = Get-Acl $directory $acl.psbase.getAccessRules($true, $true, [system.security.principal.NtAccount])

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PowerShell: list AD permissions on object

Using PowerShell you first have to bind to a user using $UserObject=[ADSI]"LDAP://.....". After that you can use the $UserObject to display a detailed table of the AD object ACL. $Userobject.psbase.get_ObjectSecurity().getAccessRules($true, $true, [system.security.principal.NtAccount])

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PowerShell: add NTFS security settings to folder

The script below adds "Modify" rights for a folder to its ACL.

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