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Beaufort: check for duplicate pers_nr on the same sofi_nr

In every HR-system you can have the situation that an employee leaves the company and re-joins about a year later. The company can register the user using the old record or create an entirely new employee record. In the latter case, HR to AD synchronizations will not work properly unless you check for this situation. Using the sofi_nr, which is unique for an identity, you can see if there are other employee records with a later contract end date for the same sofi_nr.

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UMRA: output xml file with variables

Integration with other applications can involve XML. A typical example is an application which monitors a specified folder for XML files and imports any file based on a specified naming convention.

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HR: match employees on user accounts

The basic challenge in matching any HR-system to Active Directory is finding the user account for every employee in HR. The best method of linking is to embed the employee ID or the social security number into the Active Directory user accounts.

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