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LDAP: managing exchange features using protocolsettings attribute

Active Directory stores the contents of the "Exchange features" tab in various attributes. The protocol settings for Outlook Web Access, POP3 and IMAP4 are stored in the attribute "protocolSettings" (multi-valued). If you leave everything to default, this attribute is not populated for new user accounts. If you change a setting this attribute will get a value.

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UMRA: have unit managers create their own temporary employees

Usually when a new employee enters the company, operations will receive a request for a new user account. When an external or temporary employee needs a user account, usually the unit manager will know the details only a few days in advance. Therefore it is a good idea to give the unit manager a secure form-based method of creating temporary user accounts. UMRA Forms is the solution:

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PowerShell: add and remove send-as permissions

Adds the sendas permission to a user object using ExtendedRights add-ADPermission -identity "CN=Arnout van der Vorst,OU=Accounts,DC=tools4ever,DC=local" -user "CN=Ab Vos,OU=Accounts,DC=tools4ever,DC=local" -AccessRights ExtendedRight -ExtendedRights Send-As

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