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VBScript: hide mailbox in Exchange 5.5

Same as all scripts working with Exchange 5.5, download and install the AcctCrt COM components from Microsoft. Only issue with this script is that it's not easy to reverse the operation. Once the mailbox is hidden, it is also hidden from LDAP queries. The only way to get it back is to do a special LDAP login (using clear-text password, so you really don't want to do that).

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UMRA: mass reset permissions on home directories

If you are in a migration project or trying to cleanup your existing file system, you may want to apply new or reset existing permissions on home directories. Most fileservers have a structure similar to:

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UMRA: sync your active directory with any hr-system

Active Directory user creation is usually a pre-request operation, where a paper form is filled out by a member of HR and brought to operations to create the account. This process usually has a high priority, since the employee needs the user account to work. However, when properties of the employee change or the employee leaves the company, the need to inform operations is far less.

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