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VBScript: create Exchange 5.5 mailbox using ADSI and LDAP

For the below script to work, you need the AcctCrt COM components to be installed. You can download this component form the Microsoft site. strDomainNT4 = "TOOLS4EVER" strUsername = "avdvorst" strEx55Server = "EXCHANGE" strMailboxPath = "DN of your recipient container" strSite = "Name of site" strOrg = "Name of organization"

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adsi , exchange , ldap , vbscript

Databases: oracle dump database table layout

In SQL Server there is a nice feature which lets you generate an SQL script from any database using the SQL Enterprise Manager. Oracle can do the same using sqlplusw:

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Databases: date and time functions

Unfortunately databases don't all use the same SQL language. In most cases, the notation of SQL queries is roughly the same, however in some cases there are differences, for instance when working with dates and times:

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