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AD: lastLogon versus lastlogontimestamp

Active Directory has always contained the lastLogon attribute on every user object which denotes the last logon date/time in the nice integer8 format. To realistically report the last logon for every user, you need to convert this format into a readable date/time string. But that's not it, as the lastLogon attribute is not replicated among domain controllers.

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Exchange: mail-enabled or mailbox-enabled and permissions

If you frequently work with Exchange mailboxes you probably know there's a difference between mail-enabled and mailbox-enabled. Distribution/security groups or contacts, can be mail-enabled but don't get a dedicated mailbox on their AD object. A user does get a real mailbox and is therefore called mailbox-enabled.

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Fix reply-to and missing calendar items after Exchange migration

When you migrate your Exchange organisation, say from 2000/2003 to 2007 using import/export PST (when using a new AD domain, otherwise you can use the move mailbox option), you can run into problems that your end-users can't reply to old e-mail anymore and/or they see missing entries in calendar items.

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