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VBScript to read Active Directory user permissions (ntsecuritydescriptor)

Reading AD ACLs isn't particularly hard, the hard part is translating the information you get to something useful. The VBScript listed below contains all the constants required for you to do the translation to whatever you like.

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VBScript to enable/disable "manager can update membership list" checkbox

Managing this checkbox proves harder than expected. The managedBy value is an attribute, but the checkbox is a delegation of control setting on the member attribute of the group object you put the managedBy value on.

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VBScript to manage receive-as A permission

There have been lots of variations on forums all around, I've tried to make this script more clean and easy to integrate in other scripting/cmd tools:

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PowerShell: get all group memberships (including nested and primary group)

Uses the TokenGroups attribute, which can only be read after refreshing AD's property cache, since this attribute is not an actual schema attribute but generated on-the-fly.

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VBScript to read exchange mailbox size using wmi

The below VBScript uses WMI to connect to the Exchange namespace (parameter 1 = server, 2 = output path). It iterates through all mailboxes on the server and writes the GUID and the Size to the mailboxsizereport.csv file.

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