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PowerShell: list mailbox database statistics (quota, mailbox count and size) - version 2

This script now includes reading the quota settings per mailbox database. There is no need to specify the input, as it automatically iterates through all mailbox databases in the organization (as long as your user account has sufficient permissions to see them). Then it starts building up a table object and filling rows with the results. This works pretty well, since you can use the table for sorting, displaying and usage in other scripts.

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PowerShell: list total item count and item size in mb per database

$dbs = Get-MailboxDatabase foreach ($db in $dbs) { $out = new-object psobject $dbstats = Get-MailboxStatistics -database $db $totaldbsize = 0 $totalmbcount = 0 foreach ($dbstat in $dbstats) {

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VBScript: set Active Directory netbootguid attribute

strObject = wscript.arguments(0) strInput = wscript.arguments(1) strDomainController = wscript.arguments(2) set cnvt = CreateObject("ADs.ArrayConvert") set objComputer = GetObject("LDAP://" & strDomainController & "/" & strObject) objComputer.Put "netbootGUID", cnvt.CvHexStr2vOctetStr(strInput) objComputer.SetInfo

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