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PowerShell: list total item count and item size in mb per database

$dbs = Get-MailboxDatabase foreach ($db in $dbs) { $out = new-object psobject $dbstats = Get-MailboxStatistics -database $db $totaldbsize = 0 $totalmbcount = 0 foreach ($dbstat in $dbstats) {

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VBScript: set Active Directory netbootguid attribute

strObject = wscript.arguments(0) strInput = wscript.arguments(1) strDomainController = wscript.arguments(2) set cnvt = CreateObject("ADs.ArrayConvert") set objComputer = GetObject("LDAP://" & strDomainController & "/" & strObject) objComputer.Put "netbootGUID", cnvt.CvHexStr2vOctetStr(strInput) objComputer.SetInfo

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Synchronize HR to AD: transaction workflow

Over the past years I have developed a number of automated synchronization projects between HR systems and Active Directory. The major advantage of such a link is that any employee or organization change is pushed to the Active Directory.

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