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LDAP: objectcategory versus objectclass

When performing LDAP searches using scripts or LDAP capable tools, you are usually looking for user, group or computer objects. Default queries include the objectClass to distinguish between these types.

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AD: lastLogon versus lastlogontimestamp

Active Directory has always contained the lastLogon attribute on every user object which denotes the last logon date/time in the nice integer8 format. To realistically report the last logon for every user, you need to convert this format into a readable date/time string. But that's not it, as the lastLogon attribute is not replicated among domain controllers.

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Exchange: mail-enabled or mailbox-enabled and permissions

If you frequently work with Exchange mailboxes you probably know there's a difference between mail-enabled and mailbox-enabled. Distribution/security groups or contacts, can be mail-enabled but don't get a dedicated mailbox on their AD object. A user does get a real mailbox and is therefore called mailbox-enabled.

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