Exchange 2000/2003: scripted pst mailbox export

To export Exchange mailboxes in bulk using a script, you can use both mailmig or ExMerge. I prefer mailmig since that is always part of the default Exchange Management Tools installation. For Exchange 2007, simply use the “export-Mailbox” cmdlet.

ControlFile contents:
PostOffice,[put your mailserver here in FQDN format]

Mind that the “mailboxexport” path has to be local to where you execute the script. If you are planning to archive the PST files to a central location, copy the contents of the “mailboxexport” after completing the operation. The file “users.txt” contains a list of mailbox aliases (mailNickname). By default, mailmig password protects the PST file. Don’t worry, as the password is also stored in clear-text in the exported files.

To execute mailmig, run:
C:Program FilesExchSrvrbinmailmig.exe /s /c:"c:ControleFile.txt"

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