LDAP: how-to bind to Active Directory

When using scripts and Active Directory, there are several ways to connect to a domain or forest:

  • GC://tools4ever.local
    Connects to the global catalog of the domain, relying on DNS records to locate the GC.
  • LDAP://tools4ever.local
    Uses LDAP to connect to the domain. To see which domain controller you will actually connect to, execute “SET LOGONSERVER” on your prompt. This is the domain controller which was used to authenticate your logon request and was appointed to handle this request using AD Sites & Services based on your computer’s IP subnet.
  • LDAP://tools4ever.local/OU=accounts,DC=tools4ever,DC=local
    Binds directly to a specific OU, used to set a scope for queries.
  • LDAP://dc01.tools4ever.local
    connects directly to a domain controller

Geschreven door:

Arnout van der Vorst

Arnout van der Vorst is Identity Management Architect bij Tools4ever en al ruim 10 jaar in dienst. Arnout legt zich als Architect toe op het bedenken en ontwikkelen van nieuwe features, oplossingen en diensten van Tools4ever die aansluiten op de vraag uit de markt. Arnout studeerde Hogere Informatica aan de Hogeschool van Utrecht.