UMRA: have unit managers create their own temporary employees

UMRA: have unit managers create their own temporary employees

Door: Arnout van der Vorst

Usually when a new employee enters the company, operations will receive a request for a new user account. When an external or temporary employee needs a user account, usually the unit manager will know the details only a few days in advance. Therefore it is a good idea to give the unit manager a secure form-based method of creating temporary user accounts. UMRA Forms is the solution:

  • Simple and secure form-based Windows client or optional web interface
  • Can be delegated to any user or group, such as unit managers
  • Can be pre-made to automatically assign the user temporary status, i.e. expire after 3 months
  • Can be setup to automatically assign specific group memberships to the new user account
  • UMRA can track the temporary status of the user account and notify the creator using mail for instance 2 weeks before the 3 month period ends
  • UMRA can send automated reports to each unit manager containing lists of all temporary user accounts and associated group memberships to track permissions
  • Can be setup to allow unit managers to extend the period by another 3 months or to revoke the account immediately
  • Can be setup to include specific logging to external databases or helpdesk systems for reporting purposes
  • Can be setup to contain workflows such as approval by a senior unit manager before the newly created user account is active

Geschreven door:
Arnout van der Vorst

Arnout van der Vorst is Identity Management Architect bij Tools4ever en al ruim 10 jaar in dienst. Arnout legt zich als Architect toe op het bedenken en ontwikkelen van nieuwe features, oplossingen en diensten van Tools4ever die aansluiten op de vraag uit de markt. Arnout studeerde Hogere Informatica aan de Hogeschool van Utrecht.

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