UMRA: output xml file with variables

Integration with other applications can involve XML. A typical example is an application which monitors a specified folder for XML files and imports any file based on a specified naming convention.

UMRA can generate any kind of XML file including variable contents. Use the “Manage table” action to create an empty table %XMLOutputTable%. Keep adding new rows and set column 0 to the contents of every line of the XML file you need to generate. When finished, use the “Manage table” action again to Export the data to a CSV file. The separator character isn’t important as there are no columns to separate.

  • Manage table data, create table with 0 columns: %XMLOutputTable%
  • Append row, %RowIndex%
  • Set Cell, column 0, row %RowIndex% to [your xml line 1]
  • Append row, %RowIndex%
  • Set Cell, column 0, row %RowIndex% to [your xml line 2]
  • repeat append and set cell until XML file is finished
  • Manage table data, export to CSV

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Arnout van der Vorst

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