A popular method to control software licenses, such as Microsoft Visio, Publisher and Project, is to make these licenses temporary. In most networks, these applications are represented by groups in the Active Directory. Members of such a group will get the software distributed to them using for instance SMS/GPO. UMRA has the ability to manage these group memberships and revoke them automatically after lets say 3 months. You can also extend this period by offering a web interface to your servicedesk or revoke a membership at any time. 2 weeks before the 3 month period ends, UMRA can send a warning e-mail message to the person which is about to be revoked. Basic structure:

  • Users are member of for instance gg_app_ms_visio
  • 2 weeks before the 3 month period ends, UMRA sends out a warning e-mail message to the user
  • On the 3 month limit, UMRA removes the membership from the gg_app_ms_visio group
  • At any time, a web interface will allow you to manage memberships of applications to users, both to extend and revoke
  • UMRA can send out automated weekly reports on licenses per user or per application